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Providing ethical leadership through comprehensive and developmental programs for the Public Safety Community





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IPSLEI is proud to support the 37 th Annual Bryant Stiles Officers School.jpg

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February 23-25 

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     DPSST IPSLEI Graduation 

     IPSLEI is a lot of work but the work is meaningful and pushes you to reflect on yourself as a person and a leader. I learned so much from my peers in the class and realized I’m not alone in this leadership journey. The instructors were great and the class coordinator was amazing. I would highly recommend this class to ANYONE who is in a leadership role. I believe supervisors and upper management should be required to take this training. 

Brittany Rochelle, Washington County OR

IPSLEI 2023 Graduate



Strategies and Tactics for Effective Leadership 

International Public Safety Leadership & Ethics Institute

Presented by

IPSLEI National Facilitators

This workshop explores the challenges public safety professionals face in common and unique events in the exercise of leadership. Using a scene size-up approach, leadership strategies are examined in a 360 perspective. Specific size-up tools are presented that allow the participant to consider a variety of leadership tactics, outputs, and desired outcomes. Participants will focus on perspectives for dialogue and size-up from a multiple leadership role perspective – personal, interpersonal, community, and organization. The interactive approach uses written and video case studies, personal growth activities, case-in-point dialogue, and small group processes.


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IPSLEI Supports International Water Well Effort

IPSLEI was honored to assist the Alumni of the May 2017 Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership Development (APLD)  - (Harvard Kennedy School of Government) in providing a fully functional water well to the Village of Buiza in the city of Kamuli, Uganda. 

Prior to this effort by the worldwide May APLD 2017 Alumni, the villagers had to walk seven miles one way in order to obtain drinkable water.  The effort to provide life sustaining water to this village is but one outreach of the May APLD 2017 Alumni in their continual efforts to exercise global leadership and serve the needs of others .

IPSLEI's role in assisting with collecting donations and coordinating payment was but a small token for such a large and meaningful outcome. We salute the efforts of the May APLD 2017 Alumni as their values align with that of IPSLEI's mission to support those who serve the public safety. 


in the spot light

IPSLEI Facilitators Fire Chief Jeff Boyle (Newport Beach FD, CA) and Fire Chief Bruce Evans (Upper Pine River FPD, CO) attended the Naval Post Gradute School in Monterey, CA.

Congratulations Chiefs!


by lexipol

"A personalized approach to ethical leadership"

Linda Willing talks about how IPSLEI is a personalized leadership program for the public safety community and how IPSLEI applies its four course program. 

Learn more about what she has to say by clicking below.

Providing services around the globe

Our program and services are being used across the globe

Our program also expands outside the United States to include

Guam, Common Wealth of then Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), and Australia

Challenges To 

Ethical Leadership 

In A Dynamic World


Published on Sep 17, 2018

     IPSLEI  went to Guam to present an all day event to discuss the challenges of ethical leadership in a dynamic world.

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