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Books To badges(TM)

    Books to Badges TM is IPSLEI’s unique moniker for supporting the professional and personal development of persons and organizations that serve the public safety. Books to Badges TM is intended to support those looking for their first badge in serving the public safety as well as those seeking a promotion and new opportunities.


      A significant effort of IPSLEI is to make available scholarships for those pursuing academic degrees.  Books to Badges TM events such as our golf tournaments, silent auctions, and annual awards gala provide direct support to the IPSLEI Public Safety Scholarship Programs.


Do We Cheat’em & How, Exercising Leadership in a Diminishing World of Ethics

Thinking Ethically – Thinking Leadership

The Right Front Seat: Exercising Leadership Ethically

But They’re My Friends:  Transitioning to Leadership

Technical and Professional Writing for Fire Officers

Understanding the Leadership Assessment Process

Ethical Leadership In The Learning Environment

       Books to Badges TM keynotes, classes, seminars, workshops, and other professional development programs are designed to provide interactive and dynamic opportunities for individuals and organizations alike.  Some examples of available Books to Badges TM presentations include:



       Books to Badges TM presentations can be developed to meet a variety of organizational and personal professional objectives and needs. For further information please contact:


For additional information please EMAIL us!​

*** IPSLEI  Books to Badges TM is a Trademark logo by IPSLEI ***

Strategies & Tactics For Effective Leadership

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