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What IPSLEI Students Are Saying!

       To better understand IPSLEI and how we have made an impact to the public safety community, we have reached out to some of our students and facilitators to give a testimonial to how their experience with IPSLEI has made a contribution to their new found leadership skills.


      IPSLEI provides a great learning atmosphere that provides a new skill set to the leadership development of those who seek to advance in their career field and to push their self to new heights in how they interact with their peers as a leader. Through this program students are able to find what type of leader they want to be and how to be the best that they can be.

"Communication In Leadership"

Devin Lewis, Sergeant

-Bend , Oregon PD

       The facilitation style of IPSLEI helped develop my skills as a leader as it helped teach me the importance of “servant style” leadership in law enforcement. It also helped me become a better communicator with peers, subordinates and supervisors. I believe this improved communication, helped improve my skills as a supervisor and a leader and I have seen success with improved relationships with the people I work with. I have recommended this class to several others here at Bend PD and have seen the results with them as well.

"Skills In Leadership"

Parrish Van Wer


 -Oregon Department of Correction

        I consider IPSLEI the most progressive and enlightening leadership development course for public safety professionals out there. The curriculum is balanced across a wide spectrum of leadership styles and field tested techniques. This course has broadened and sharpened my skill set which in turn has positively impacted not only my career but my personal life as well. I would highly recommend IPSLEI be added to any organizations succession planning or skill enhancement strategy.

"New Ways of Thinking!"

Wade Hugh

-Prince William County Government - Virginia

        I was listening to the radio this morning and the discussion surrounding Lance Armstrong’s performance enhancing drug use.  The discussion turned to his Live Strong Organization and the $475 million dollars the organization has raised for cancer research.  There was a lively debate between the Co-hosts regarding the ethics surrounding the issue.  One host said that people will forgive his lies, transgressions, bullying, etc. due to the fact he has helped raise money and save lives.  The other host disagreed and stated that his efforts were all born out of lies and deceit.  If contributors had known he was a liar and had hurt people, they may not have given to his cause.  Interesting ethical dilemma…do the ends justify the means?

       Do you see what IPSLEI has done to me…I can’t even listen to a radio show or watch a movie without thinking about some aspect of the IPSLEI curriculum.  I think this speaks volumes about the lessons we learned in the course.

"Life Changing"

Kim Menjou, Supervisor

-Lane County Parole & Probation, Oregon

       IPSLEI is not only career-changing, but life-changing. It provides the students with a comprehensive exploration of their own approach to leadership, and cultivates a clear understanding of who they are as individual leaders in the public safety profession. The manner in which the course is conducted, through facilitated learning, dialogue, readings and case studies, is very effective in gaining this understanding. IPSLEI and the choices it has illuminated for me as a leader is present in my mind every day, and helps me be very deliberate in how I approach any given employee or situation. Without hesitation, I would highly encourage anyone considering or presently in a leadership position to participate.

"I am very proud to be an IPSLEI grad!"

Debbie Avis, PMP

-Business Applications Systems Division Chief Prince William County Government - Virginia

       I returned to Prince William County government as the Web Systems Support Services manager in the Office of Information Technology in 2009 after a brief move to West Virginia. Immediately, I was reminded of how much I love working with the County government and soon loved working for the citizens. I wanted more than ever to provide the best possible services to the County working through a team of six web developers.

       However, I did not project a vision. Looking back, I am sure I did not know my vision. From the moment my participation in IPSLEI began, my vision starting taking shape. I learned to examine my own personality and style of leadership, not because of selfishness but to learn about my own motivations and baseline ideas (because I am blue!), as well as why others react to situations and my actions. Then, I began collecting a set of tools that could be harnessed to inspire, communicate, and manage more effectively. While I initially considered myself a flexible manager, I soon learned that I was “stuck” in one management style (S3) while my team needed much more from D2 to D4).

      Upon entering IPSLEI I was very conflict-adverse; upon graduation I was becoming more confident about conflict resolution, thanks to the Thomas-Kilman approach. My team of developers reaped the most immediate rewards as I began to deploy those tools: coach a team member who was rather “burned out” and give more freedom to another who was “ready to fly”; moving from a compromising to a more collaborative method of resolving problems, even becoming more assertive to a team that needed a leader, not a friend.

        Meanwhile, my vision moved sharply into focus. By the end of the four courses, the vision that had eluded me was now on paper via the Personal Philosophy of Leadership. It was a way to remind myself that I could either choose to forfeit my leadership at any time or else lead others to that vision. Seven months later I found myself interviewing for a position in the (renamed) Department of Information Technology, competing with applicants from around the country and the areas surrounding Prince William County. No doubt, all of us had technical experience with business applications and managing teams of developers. A few of us probably were certified project managers. I was the one with the passion and vision to lead this division, and it showed. I was fortunate to take counsel from Sarah Ray, a true IPSLEI guru, prior to the first interview; in the end, it was my responsibility to convince the interview panel of the vision that would help lead the Department of Information Technology to a new era of integrity and excellence! Today, almost a year since my hire date in the new position, I am so excited that one of my division’s managers is participating in IPSLEI! He and I have leadership discussions when he is available. I both encourage him in his efforts and continue to learn from seeing the courses through his eyes. Another manager plans to apply for the next cohort!

        Yes, we continue to experience difficulties with technology and people. I work for the CIO who likes to ask me, “How comfortable are you with uncomfortable situations?” Each time is an opportunity to use another tool from the IPSLEI collection. Each time is an opportunity to share the vision.

       I believe strongly in the IPSLEI vision and mission. It is invaluable in waking up or reinforcing those of us who need(ed) to step out and be a leader.

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