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our mission & vision

our mission

     Our mission is to develop individuals, through innovative leadership and ethics education, who exercise leadership effectively and ethically in service to public safety.

our vision

     The vision of the International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute is exceptional leadership in service to public safety.

In Service To Public Safety

     From its beginnings, IPSLEI has been focused on a vision of excellence in the exercise of leadership among all persons that are in service to the safety of the public.  IPSLEI members come from all walks of life but with a single focus - to serve others.

To achieve our mission we will:


  • Assist students in Developing a Personal Philosophy of Leadership and Ethics

  • Guide students in developing skills for Leading Others Ethically

  • Prepare students to act on opportunities for Ethical Organizational Leadership

  • Guide students through an in-depth exploration of Ethics and the Challenge of Leadership

IPSLEI classes are energetic and thoughtful!    


     IPSLEI classes are designed to be thought provoking, interactive and energetic. By blending various learning approaches, IPSLEI students become genuinely engaged in the process of their own growth and the growth of others.  In fact they become philosophers - they develop a profound love of learning.

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