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how you can support ipslei

   I challenge you ...... each and every one of you, to support the future of those persons desiring to serve the public safety. Your generous contributions to our scholarship program for individuals who are inspired to have a career in public safety can and does make a difference.  Just look at our previous scholarship recipients and you will see that your support makes a difference.

     I challenge you ......  each and every one of you, to support IPSLEI’s Public Safety Scholarship Programs. To date, eight aspiring public safety professionals have benefitted from the support of this scholarship to help achieve their goals.  These students are motivated!. None of this could have happened without contributions from you!


        ​I challenge you ...... each and every one of you, to continue to support IPSLEI‘s effort to help the future of those who desire to serve our communities, to serve you, to serve your loved ones by donating NOW!

I challenge

IPSLEI Facilitators to donate

IPSLEI Alumni to donate

IPSLEI friends and families to donate

$25.00 - $50.00 - $100.00 - any amount makes a difference!

The May 2017 KSG Adaptive Leadership Alumni

Water Well Project

This project is specific to sponsoring a clean water well to underdeveloped areas in Africa. This project supports the most basic human need, water, to those without easy access and it contributes to the Alumni's effort of sustaining and caring for a world family. 

     IPSLEI is a non-profit organization served by a non-paid Board of Directors and Staff dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the exercise of leadership in those serving the public safety.  Through your generous donations IPSLEI may continue this effort. New educational programs, maintenance and renewal of existing curriculum, and engagement in the much needed area of academic and practitioner research in the exercise of leadership for public safety can only be accomplished by your generosity.


Please consider a donation to these efforts. 


 Your donation may be tax deductible as IPSLEI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity (20-3002065).

Consult your professional accountant for further information.


Corporate sponsorship is available. Please contact IPSLEI Executive Director Kevin S. Brame  at or (951)-283-0498 for further information

Friends of IPSLEI...Thank you for your generous donation


- Joey Manibusan, Deputy Fire Chief, Guam USA

- Carl DeCarlo, Deputy Fire Chief Salem, OR

- Robin Richards

- Ronald and Nancy Litzinger, Marconi Automotive Museum 

- Gordon Graham J.D.

- University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute

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