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Pandemos of Leadership - May 25, 2020

In this current global pandemic, the world population strives for health, safety, reassurances, facts, guidance, empathy, sympathy, etc. We the people of the world look for guidance, support, direction, vision, hope, or as some might say, leadership. In an odd sense, within the root of the word pandemic lies the significance of leadership needs today.

The root of the word pandemic is from the Greeks. Pan is to mean ‘all’ and demos is to mean ‘people’. In the context of leadership, particularly from a public safety perspective, the idea of Pandemos of Leadership would mean leadership for all peoples. In this current world environment, the clamoring for effective, transparent, and humble leadership for all peoples has probably not been louder since the great wars and the Spanish flu.

Those of us who serve the public safety worldwide are in the midst of it all and our communities turn to us. Traditionally, in most places, communities as a whole turn to those who serve their needs in times of emergencies and uncertainties. We, being of the values and mindsets of service to others first, are being looked upon as foundations. A force stabilizer for many.

So, what is our duty and responsibility in being that force stabilizer when in most instances, we are not the authority figures? We do not issue executive orders or legislate. We serve all peoples. How do we exercise the type and level of leadership we see, feel, and hear a need for in our communities in these very trying times? How do we operationalize a Pandemos of Leadership?

I look forward to your thoughts.

Kevin S. Brame MA

Executive Director/President


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